Visas Direct offers a consular courier service to the international corporate and leisure traveler.

Visas Direct has acquired great relationships with embassies over the years and with over 10 years’ experience we have intimate knowledge of what clients need in visa delivery.

Our client base ranges from travel agencies, corporate clients to the individual holiday traveler and are geared to customize our service to each individual’s requirements. Our objection herewith is to keep our services personal.

All applications are personally collected, personally checked and personally submitted to the relevant authorities. This eliminates 99% of rejections and delays.

Offering door-to-door service ensures our clients of a stress free visa application process.

Our company is streamlined to assure personal service with highly competitive rates. Our day-to-day operations are cautiously and considerably planned and monitored.

Visas Direct has a great back up in administration staff to ensure that information, invoicing and statements are correct and easy to understand.

Our intention is to keep the company small to ensure our personal relationships are well maintained.