Visas Direct act as a visa courier service to and from Embassies/Consulates and High Commissions of those countries represented in South Africa. Requirements and information given, whether in person or telephonically is of an advisory nature only, Visas Direct will not be held liable for incorrect information.

Visas Direct, including all its employees will not be held responsible or liable for any costs or damage incurred due to the delay, non-issuance, rejection or denial of any visa application whatsoever.

Charges incurred due to cancellation, amendment or transportation costs of visa services rendered will be for the applicant or company representatives account.

Visas Direct will not be held liable for any costs related to the replacement, date change or any other factor regarding airline tickets, this includes deportation and denials, and neither will they be responsible for no-show costs incurred for hotel reservations, car hire, transfers or any other related costs.

Visas Direct are not obliged to obtain visas or any documentation related thereto on behalf of the applicant or any company representative.

Visas Direct reserve the right to provide your service at an alternative date, time and place.

Visas Direct does not guarantee the issuance of any visa, the decision to grant a visa lies solely with the Embassy or High Commission concerned.

All visa and courier fees are the responsibility of the applicant or company representative irrespective of the outcome of the visa application. In certain cases, Visas Direct reserve the right to charge an additional courier fee for emergency visas/late visa application or for any additional services rendered with regard to the visa application.

Visas Direct will not be liable for the actions of third parties which result in loss or damage to the Customer, in particular Courier companies used in the process of obtaining travel documents.

Visas Direct accepts no liability whatsoever for the criminal action of third parties.

Visa & Courier fees are non-refundable, visa applications are paid in advance.

Visas Direct reserve the right to withhold travel documentation until such time as full payment is received.

Visa fees are subject to change without notice.